Why I use Scrivener for my books

I have long been a Scrivener fan. It is a beautiful piece of software to write on and I would highly recommend it. I’ll admit, at first glance it does look terrifying and overwhelming. But the good thing about Scrivener is that you only need to use the features that work for you. The other good thing is there are tons of YouTube videos and guides that you can watch or read to get started. There are still things I don’t use or don’t know about but the basics are perfect for me.

The main reason I use Scrivener is that it allows me to write in chunks. I cannot really write in order and end up writing things as they occur to me or what I’m in the mood to write baout. I have tried doing this in Word but end up confused or with so many different documents I end up losing track. With Scrivener, you can write in little sections and organise these so easily, it is impossible to lose any of your work. It also allows you to change the view. This is great for being able to see an outline of your work. I love the Corkboard View. It makes it so easy to move around chapters and see the overall arc of your book. I am aware you can even view/make a timeline of your book but I haven’t ventured into that yet.

Screenshot of Corkboard View on Scrivener

The other benefit of Scrivener is that you can research and write in the software. If you use the Fiction template, you can make character sheets and setting sheets. You can store research, pictures and anything you might need in the research section and this can then be viewed when you are writing, almost like you are split screening but with less effort.

Scrivener can also help you meet your writing goals. You can set a project schedule i.e. the date you want to have it written by and the number of words you are aiming for. It will then calculate how long it would take you or how many words you would need to write per day. You can also set daily goals and it will tell you when you have met them. It seems simple but it is a massive boost to your moral.

Screenshot of Project Targets on Scrivener

And lastly and possibly my most favourite feature is the name generator. Many an hour has been spent playing around with this wonderful feature. You can set the nationality and even the letter you want the name to start with and it will make suggestions. It’s a great feature.

Screenshot of Name Generator on Scrivener

This is not an advert, I am just sharing my experiences of Scrivener. If you do think it would work for you, make sure you google to see if there are any discount codes. When I got it, I found someone that had written an article on it and had a code you could use.

Have you used Scrivener? I’d love to hear your experiences. Do you have a favourite feature I haven’t mentioned?

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