About Abigail




Thanks for visiting my page today! This was supposed to be my life in a nutshell but I got a bit carried away with telling my story. But then that’s me – impossible to stop me talking once I get going!


I was born in the Lake District, I moved around a lot with my baby sister and my fantastic mum who raised me single-handedly. Without her strength, this page probably wouldn’t even exist.


I first got into writing when I was younger. I wrote many stories in an attempt to deal with the things happening in my life. I’ve always struggled with confidence. I’m not sure why – perhaps it was my weight or ginger hair. Books were my only friends and writing was my release. Despite this, I had never considered becoming a writer. After studying English and History at University I spent far too long wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Writing didn’t even make the list. I love reading, I didn’t have many friends growing up so books were my everything. But I never believed in myself enough to even give it a thought.


Last year, I had a job that gave me a lot of free time. Too much time – I got fed up as I just didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. I just wasn’t good at anything. I felt like I had no purpose. That’s when I started book reviewing. I’d had a blog set up for ages but I never published anything. I took the plunge and I started getting fantastic feedback from authors about my reviews. Can I just say, the book reviewing community is the most amazing thing. I’ve met so many people that have enriched my life – all because we share a passion for books. Book lovers are just the friendliest, most supportive bunch! I was so happy to find such lovely people in this online book blogging universe. Then, a favourite author of mine, Caroline Mitchell sent me the following tweet which started me on this path:

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your review, it stood out from a lot of the others as it is so well written. You have a lovely way of describing the book and I do hope you will take up writing yourself at some point, as you have a great way with words.

Her words echoed around my head which was empty thanks to too much spare time. Then on a Tuesday, at around 12 pm (I remember because it was the first time I’d done anything like work in a while) I started to write. I wrote memories and about things that happened to me growing up. It was just as therapeutic as I remembered from when I was younger. I couldn’t believe I’d not done this before. By that evening, I’d almost written my entire life story down. I went through it and started to pick out the most interesting parts and shape them and expand upon them.  I lost myself in the writing, filled with purpose for the first time. It was fantastic.


Once The Puppet Master started to take shape, I began to get scared. Could I really do this? How would I do this? I’m so young compared to any of the authors I know – will anyone take me seriously? These doubts stopped me from sending my work to publishers. I knew if I was rejected then I would never publish my book. I told everyone when they asked, that I didn’t approach publishers because they took the rights to your book. But that wasn’t really the truth. I was too scared to hear what I secretly believed – that I wasn’t good enough to be a writer.


So instead of letting someone else decide, I went for it. To be honest, it feels a bit like it happened to me. Like I was on autopilot. One minute I was writing some of my life experiences and the next I was designing my cover. It is purely due to the enthusiasm of my best friend and my husband that this book exists and I now have the confidence in myself to write. Writing, as you can probably tell from this ridiculously long post – is something that soothes me. It saves me from imploding from all the emotions I experience on a daily basis. It has helped me internalise and understand some of the most traumatic things that have happened to me. It gives me an escape when life gets a bit much.


Publishing The Puppet Master has literally changed my life. I’m more confident in myself and it’s brought me so much happiness. Each review I get for this book brightens my day and makes me want to call all those kids at school that called me ‘fat and ginger’ and tell them what someone who is fat and ginger can accomplish.


I really hope you enjoy my book and thank you for reading – if you are not asleep by this point that is!