The Killing Game by J.S. Carol

The Killing Game

I didn’t want to give this book five stars because it disturbed me so much. It was horrific but in a sadistic thrilling way. Even though it As you can tell from the blurb this book is intense from the very beginning. I was enthralled by the way that J.S. Carol set everything up. The restaurant is put under a microscope along with the patrons, making sure we can picture every detail so that we could imagine every single thing that happens later on.


As soon as the scene is set the action begins. I was not expecting the brutal events that were about to happen. The blunt delivery of descriptions ramped up the tension, and I could barely breathe while I read this book. It was such a fascinating plot, and I was terrified and gripped by this man and the idea of the power that he held.


This book isn’t just from the perspective of JJ who is being held hostage in the restaurant and is the voice that sets the scene and introduces the other characters in the restaurant with her. We also get the perspective of the press and consequently, the police. Getting both the inside and outside perspective was fantastic. There is another perspective in the book, but I don’t want to discuss that because it may be giving spoilers. The outside view gave extra depth to the story, and it also made it more realistic, and it gave a rare insight into the press. I haven’t read many crime/thriller books were the media is explored in that depth. (That may just be my limited reading experience). It was fascinating to see how these stories are covered. Every detail is addressed in this book, and it added to the realism and made the situation so real.


This book really affected me; I had to google pictures of cute kittens before I could go to sleep. But in spite of that, it is a 5-star read in my opinion. The writing is spot on. The whole book is gritty, visceral and realistic. It is heart stopping with fantastic twists and turns, and it all wraps up nicely into a very satisfying ending. I really can’t wait to read more from this author, his imagination and writing ability is stunning.


You can buy this book from all good retailers and from Amazon.

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