My Husband's Son by Deborah O'Connor

My Husband's Son


When I read the blurb, I knew I just had to read this book. I needed to find out what happened and I’d only read a 200-word blurb!

The number one thing that I loved about this book was the writing. I haven’t been able to put my finger on what it was about the writing, but it just made this book brilliant. I think it was down to earth tone and the realism. The main character, although she goes a bit crazy trying to get to the bottom of whether this boy she had seen was her husband’s son. This was all part of the story, though, and it really begged the question how far would you go to find out to prove you were right?

The mystery in this book was fantastic. We were drip fed little bits of the plot as we went along. We lived through the confusion and the questions that arise as Heidi delves deeper into the world of her husband. I have to admit I did spend a lot of the book frustrated because I didn’t understand why she wasn’t looking for her daughter like Jason was looking for Barney. It was told to us later on in the book, but I feel it should have been sooner as it detracted focus from the story being told. But that is just personal opinion.

I really liked the ending of the book but I can tell it will be an ambiguous ending. It will divide people in whether they think that Heidi did the right thing. I am looking forward to reading the reviews of others to see what they thought about the ending.

The only reason I couldn’t give this a five star is that. Personally, I didn’t understand why Jason didn’t recognise his son and at least ask for a DNA test. It didn’t add up for me, but then I don’t have children or any experience with this so I understand there may well be a way to explain this. But aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and loved the character, Heidi. I thought she was vivid and engaging and I enjoyed this snap-shot of her world.

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