Love you to Death by Caroline Mitchell

Love you to death

I was delighted to be given a copy of this via NetGalley. I am a big fan of Caroline Mitchell after reading her book The Silent Twin.

This book is not for the faint-hearted. It is in a completely different league to The Silent Twin. This book is about a serial killer who is murdering women who have given a child up for adoption in the past. This is investigated by Ruby Preston.

I have to say; Ruby was the star of this book for me. When I think back to the book, I remember more about her and enjoyed her parts of the story more than the murder side. Which I hope makes me normal haha. I think because we get the viewpoint of the murderer quite early on there wasn’t as much suspense about who is it. So instead I felt invested in Ruby, trying to catch up with this killer.

I loved the bond between Ruby and Nathan; they were both really fleshed out, well-developed characters with tangible personalities. It was fascinating seeing the battle of morals between them and let’s face it – who doesn’t love a bad boy? The tension between them was brilliant to read, and I really became invested in their relationship.

The murders and the unmasking of the serial killer were very good. I was gripped towards the end and couldn’t wait to see what would happen.

I really enjoyed this book, but I feel like I liked it for the wrong reasons. The whole serial killer storyline took a back seat to getting to know Ruby, Nathan, and her team. For me, personally, it was the investigation and the characters that made this book brilliant.

A brilliant read and I can’t wait to read more about Ruby and Nathan (Please keep Nathan – I love him).

You can preorder this book for only 99p on Kindle – a bargain for a truly great read.

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