Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

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Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for this copy of Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra in exchange for an honest review.


Wow, I finished this book seriously freaked out. It was sinister from the very beginning. I couldn’t put it down. All the way through I wasn’t sure what was happening but I knew it was bad. A young woman, desperate not to be arrested, takes advantage of her uncanny resemblance to a girl she saw had gone missing 11 years ago. She pretends to be the missing girl and changes her life forever.


This book took many twists and turns and there was no way that I could have predicted that ending. It was fantastic, terrifying – but fantastic all the same. It finished off a psychological thriller unlike any I’ve ever read. The pace is fast and you feel tense all the way through, you want to know what happened to the ‘real’ Bec and Anna Snoekstra keeps you guessing. This is a hard review to write as I don’t want to give anything away. All I can say is it is wonderfully tense with an ending you couldn’t have expected.



Author Bio
Anna Snoekstra was born in Canberra, Australia in 1988. She studied Creative Writing and Cinema at The University of Melbourne, followed by Screenwriting at RMIT University. She currently lives in Melbourne with her husband and tabby cat.
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