Review: Love Is… by Haley Hill

love is


I was really intrigued by this book and Haley Hill did not disappoint. It was a really fascinating look at the relationships we have peppered with a little comedy and a very intelligent realistic protagonist.


In this book, we meet Ellie who has founded a match-making service but is distressed at the rising number of divorces being reported her company’s clients. She embarks on a journey around the world to try and understand what love is. I really enjoyed taking this adventure with Ellie. It really makes you consider what happiness and love really is. I liked the fact it flags up that sometimes we believe that love is what society has dictated it should be. It is getting married and having children.


I think what gave this book more depth than I thought was the fact that our protagonist was married and struggling to resolve what she thinks her marriage should be, with what is actually is. As much as Ellie is looking for an answer for her clients you can tell the answer is personal to her. She is trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in and the complex emotions and concepts we have to try and wrap our heads around. This book was a perfect blend of thought-provoking insights and comedic adventure.


I really enjoyed the variety of characters that appear in this book. Each one has a different story to tell about love and marriage and contribute to the debate that carries through the book as to what love is. I don’t think there is an actual answer at the end of the book and I think that is an answer in itself. Maybe there is, this book kind of lets you make your own opinion. I felt after reading this that love is different to everyone and all the people in the book demonstrate that. Although I wouldn’t mind an injection of Oxytocin if that’s an actual thing.
Overall, this is a quick, light read that has more depth to it than your regular ‘chic lit’ if we are still calling it that. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to more from Haley Hill, she is one to watch.


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