Kings or Pawns by J. J. Sherwood

Kings or Pawns

When I realised that this book was going to be centred around the politics of this fantasy world, I was a bit worried. But I shouldn’t have worried at all. This world that J. J. Sherwood has built is captivating.


This book is vivid, wonderfully rich and right from the first page I was drawn in. It does take a bit of getting used to with who is who but once you’ve got through the first few chapters it is no longer an issue.


I can’t stress enough how much I loved this world, it is so carefully planned out and packed full of detail. The imagination of this author is astounding. While I was reading it, it felt a bit like Game of Thrones but with Elves instead.


The characters in this book are realistic and I kind of fell in love with Jikun. The way in which the characters morals are tested against the corruption in the political landscape. There is so much depth to these characters, and I could feel them grown as the story went on. I liked the way that Prince Hairem wants to oust the evil and corrupt from his kingdom, and I loved watching the struggles he has with this and it was fascinating seeing the manipulations of the corrupt politicians. I really got behind all the characters, Prince Hairem and Jikun especially. This isn’t just a fantasy book but also a comment on religion, politics and our morals; which are all debated and questioned in this book.


The magic side of this book is really well thought out. There are nail-biting scenes where magic is doing amazing things. The detail and descriptions in this book are second to none in my opinion. I find that in some fantasy books, these scenes are over complicated, and I can’t really understand what is happening. But Sherwood’s writing is very clear and concise. With such a meaty world and plot to convey there was every chance that this would have been too complicated and difficult to understand but I was enraptured from the first word.


This is a very talented author and a wonderful addition to the fantasy that I have read. I’m not anxiously awaiting the next installment!


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