The Theseus Paradox by David Videcette


I had the pleasure of meeting this David before I read his book. He was such a lovely person that I was looking forward to reading what he’d written. If I had looked at this book on the shelves I’m not going to lie; I probably wouldn’t pick it up. Now having read this book, it has made me re-evaluate the sort of books that I turn down. I didn’t think this would be a topic that would interest me because I am ashamed to say I am guilty of sticking my head in the sand when it comes to terrorism. But I couldn’t put it down. It was fantastic writing, and the story was told in a way that made it easy to follow and was incredibly gripping.


The book is fantastically written because it doesn’t ostracize anyone. It deals sensitively with an emotional event. Also, someone who had no idea what the circumstances of the 7/7 bombings were and had no idea what happened; who the key players were or how it was investigated, would easily be able to follow this book. More than that they would really enjoy it because it is an excellent fictional story. It has all the ingredients; a relatable protagonist that we get to know and become invested in and the investigation is gripping with a horrifying revelation. I absolutely loved this book. Even though it is a fictional account, I felt that I was learning so much. It was opening my eyes to the struggles going on around me. The criminal investigation that takes place felt very realistic. The inter-departmental struggles and the clever antics of the terrorists in the book felt alarmingly real. It was also entertaining reading a book set in the past. A few things are mentioned such as; who the next James Bond might be, and that added to the sense of time and the realism of the novel. It was a clever device and drew me into the story even further.


Jake was a brilliant three-dimensional character, David Videcette hasn’t concentrated purely on the events of the bombings, he also spends time allowing us to understand the main character, what motivates him and gives him the strength to investigate such a terrible event. It took the heat off the distressing bombings and allowed us a glimpse into what it might be like for the real people out there doing Jake’s job. The resolution in this book was very shocking. Like Jake, the evidence was going into the slot machines for the reader and we were able to become part of the investigation. The attention to detail in this book made it so that every connection and piece of evidence was given to us. We learnt things along with Jake which made the story flow very smoothly.


As you can tell, I loved this book. Probably because it isn’t something I would normally consider reading, but it was intelligently written and absolutely gripping. David Videcette has the gift for writing and I look forward to what he writes next.



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