Flawed by Cecelia Ahern


Flawed by Cecelia Ahern will be released 24th March 2016. Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins for my advanced copy.


This is definitely one of the best books I have read this year. It was absolutely amazing. I’m a fan of Cecelia Ahern but I have found some of her books I enjoyed more than others, but this book, for me, blows them all out of the water. It’s original, its sophisticated, it’s clever, its gripping, it is just incredible. This book is about a society in the future where there is a secondary justice system designed to pre-empt corruption in society. If you make a moral or ethical mistake you are branded flawed and your life becomes different to everyone that is unflawed. This book is about a girl who is considered to be one of the most ‘unflawed’ people, who can’t resist her instinct to help anyone regardless of their status in society and becomes ‘flawed’. This system where people are differentiated by a label may sound like it has done before so why do I say it is original? I think it is an original idea because it is people’s choices that get them branded flawed. It was also the most gripping and modern discussion that I have read. I really enjoyed the moral and ethical debate throughout this book.


This really is literary fiction at its best because I am a big believer that this is what books should do they should make you question, not just your own life but issues central to humanity. Cecelia Ahern has delivered on that exceptionally. There are so many circumstances and issues raised in this book that could be juxtaposed with our own lives and the way in which we are governed. Even basic human instinct is examined in this book. This book is extremely thought-provoking because it points things out such as; things about the media and our ethical values and it really gets you thinking about the grey areas in all our lives. There is no black and white and that is what I loved about this book, it’s an ongoing debate from the beginning to the end.

Please don’t be put off by the fact that it examines society as the story is just riveting – it is in no way boring or difficult to understand. It is classed as Young Adult but I don’t think it should be constricted to that. I think that anyone could enjoy this wonderful piece of literary fiction because it is mature and intelligent in its content and writing. The main character, albeit only 17, is logical (extremely so), she is clever, brave and thoroughly relatable and seems to be the only that can stand up for a flawed system judging ‘flawed’ people. Her monumental struggle to stay true to what she believes in is awe-inspiring. Cecelia Ahern has written one of the most relatable and vivid characters I’ve ever read and the pain she endures is felt as if it was someone you know. Celestine is a lesson to all of us in how to be brave and logical when it comes to navigating the grey areas in life.


There is so much depth to this book and I feel like I could go on about it for pages and pages. The plot is captivating, intense and fast paced. It is such an interesting and gripping read and I don’t know how I am going to wait for the next one. If you need more convincing on why you should pre-order this book and also want to know why Cecelia Ahern is now one of my favourite writers, this quote in the book says it all:


‘Sometimes I’ll read a sentence and it will make me sit up, jolt me, because it is something that I have recently felt but never said out loud. I want to reach in to the page and tell the characters that I understand them, that they’re not alone, that I’m not alone, that it’s okay to feel like this.’


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