Disclaimer by Renée Knight


I was wonderfully intrigued by this novel. The fact that the main character finds a novel with her story in it, well there were so many possibilities running through my head before I’d even begun. I have to say Renée Knight took this book in a direction I couldn’t possibly have predicted. This book is about Catherine Ravenscroft and a secret she has kept for many years, that is suddenly thrust back into her life in the form of a book.
The structure of this book was fantastic. It flicks between the past and present and seamlessly switches characters and each time it does this, another layer of the story is revealed. It was gripping and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough, so desperate was I to know what had happened. What I think I loved the most about this book is that it fools you so many times, there is a big reveal and we finally find out what happened, only to find out later that actually maybe that wasn’t what happened. It was a brilliantly thought out twist and I loved it.



Towards the end of this book the feeling you get turns from a desperate need to find out what happened, to then wishing you didn’t know. The latter part of the book was very intense and distressing but made more so by the fact that I as a reader, had done exactly what the characters had done in the book. I had jumped to conclusions about Catherine Ravenscroft and I believed everything that I was told. I felt just as guilty as the other characters in the book did. The end of this book is very traumatic but it is completely entrancing, it is such a powerful book. I am really impressed with the writing. I will definitely be reading anything else that Renée Knight writes as this was a stunning read, quite literally.



This book was a really interesting exploration of family relationships. I especially enjoyed the message regarding our faith in the people we love the most. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of a person who could easily believe the worst in someone they love and the person that could only see the good in someone they love. This is why I love reading books like Renée Knight’s, because they give you pieces of advice to take away with you. This book will definitely stay with me for a very long time. It delivers in intrigue and suspense and it will no doubt have you questioning your own judgement.



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