Writing a Novel: Generating Ideas

writing tips - generating ideas


I am currently writing my first book (I can feel the terror and disbelief brewing inside me as I write this). A lot of my book is based upon events that I have experienced but most of it is from my imagination. I have found this really hard. When I’m writing about things I know the words just flow from me. But when it is creating scenes from scratch, my brain begins to grind to a halt.


So here are a 3 things that I have done to try and kick start my imagination and create new material and I thought I would share it on here in case anyone else struggles with generating ideas and need some inspiration.


1. Research Tips


The part that I struggled with when writing was creating a relationship from scratch and giving it realism and depth. So I watched lots of movies that did this and actually made notes about what they included to create a realistic representation. So things I noticed was that the things the couples did together for ‘dates’ was really important. Also the stages in the relationships were shown.


2. Creative Writing Books


I have two books that I used and still use to really get my creative juices flowing. The first one I tried was Ready Set Novel that I was actually bought by a friend. I really enjoyed filling in the aspects of my book but it was more an exercise to when you had your idea I felt. But once I had my idea it really helped with the planning.





But my all-time favourite book that I have nearly finished filling in is: 642 things to write about. My advice to anyone that thinks that they want to write a novel or people who are in the process but need inspiration for content should use this. The prompts in this are fantastic. Some are funny, some are profound. I just loved it. My favourite so far is: ‘Write a short story that is set in Argentina in 1932, in which a teacup plays a crucial role.’ I swear by using things like this to get ideas and for encouraging your creative writing instinct.





3. Get out and about


I was with my friend today and he said something to me that my mind just latched onto and before I knew it, what if questions were swirling down my head. So using my idea book that I always have in my handbag, I noted it down straight away. I try to be as social as possible and not only that, I interview people (in a non-obvious way) I’m always prompting my friends to tell me all about themselves. I hope none of them read this as I would hate for them to clam up haha!
But I also take note of the people around me when I go out. What is that man looking shifty over there. I make notes on the way people walk and the way they dress.


These are just a few things that I have tried to do as I’ve said I am very new to the writing process. But please comment if you have any more things on this subject that you do. I’d love to hear from you.


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