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harlan coben fool me once

I have been a super, massive, obsessed, would-stalk-him-if-he-lived-in-England, fan of Harlan Coben since I first read his book ‘Play Dead’. He is the king of the twist and I love the way I can never ever guess what is going to happen at the end of any of his books. His imagination and manipulation of the reader knows no bounds. Each time I read one of his books I get a thrilling journey and a fulfilling ending. So when I got approved to read an advanced copy of Fool Me Once, I nearly fainted on the spot. Instead I did a victory dance and took the next day off work to read it.


This book was a lot better than some of his more recent work and that was mainly down to his main character. This book is about Maya, she is ex-military and after her beloved sister is murdered, her husband is then murdered right in front of her. But then she sees her dead husband on her nanny cam and the book is about her journey to discover if her husband is really alive or if someone is tricking her.


Maya is one of the best character’s I have read in this type of novel. The main reason that I absolutely loved her was that she was so logical. In a lot of crime novels where the main character is thrown into a situation where they have to find out what is happening themselves, because the police can’t be trusted or aren’t doing enough, it can lead to a lot of going round the houses. I have found that sometimes it takes a while for a character to make a connection that I have made 2 chapters back. Whilst I don’t find this annoying as most of the time that adds to the suspense, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to read a logical character. Something happens and she logically works out the options and makes a decision then and there. Her bravery, strength and intelligence shone through this book. She gets a lead and she follows it, there is very little internal debate over the dangers or other things. Most of this is down to her military background and that in itself made the book even more compelling as it influenced the unfolding of the plot and the character’s internal thought process in a way I haven’t experienced before. My favourite sentence epitomises this: ‘Her comfort zone was protecting these moments, not participating in them’. I thought that was so profound and heart-breaking at the same time. The entire book was not just about solving murders but also a shocking glimpse into the effects of war, specifically on a woman.


There isn’t too much more detail that I can go into without giving a way massive spoilers as there are some breath-taking twists in this book. Although none of them can compete with the twist at the end of the book. In all the books I’ve read I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked about the ending of a book. If you want a massive twist (who doesn’t) then look no further. This book is available from 24th March 2016 but you can pre-order and I have pre-ordered it to add to my collection! This author is worth every penny!


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  1. I really enjoyed your review and I am so jealous that you got to read an advanced copy! I totally agree that the protagonists of many crime novels do not seem to make logical connections, which makes this book sound so interesting! I am also fascinated by the chance to gain an insight into the effects of going to war on female members of the military.

    1. Wow thank you for reading my review. It was really interesting to see how war is such a different way of life, to the extent that you can’t adapt back to what life used to be. Very thought provoking!

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