Spirit Legacy by E.E. Holmes

spirit legacyI fell for a Facebook advert when I bought this book by E. E. Holmes. The advert said; ‘don’t read this book on a work night as you can’t put it down’. Now that is exactly the type of book that I like to read. I usually judge books on whether I can stop reading or not, and I have to say his book was genuinely captivating. I devoured it all in one night – hiding under the duvet to stop my husband moaning about the light from my kindle.

We meet Jess on the night that her mother dies, from that day on strange things start happening and it begins with awful nightmares. Throughout the beginning of the book we can sense that it is something paranormal that is happening to her but the clues were so subtle that when the shocking revelation happens, I was stunned. The writing in this book was really clever. Previously, I have read books that are about the paranormal and they just don’t engage me but the way in which the paranormal is woven into this book is really good. It was also really creepy as well. It has been a while since I have actually been scared by a book. There were some very chilling scenes in this book and very well executed. They had me turning on the light to check there were no ghosts in my room.

As much as I love the fantasy New Adult genre, I have begun to see a lot of repetition. This book is no exception. As it uses a college as it’s setting, there is a ‘hot’ perfect love interest (can’t go into that -spoilers), the female protagonist is the hero, from a troubled background and she is gifted. But this book did have enough unique qualities to make you not think ‘oh not again’. First of all, the character although she seems strong and together, she does have flaws and she is blatantly terrified in this book which made her character much more realistic and a lot less stereotypical. The other difference is that we also learn that…oh wait…darn spoilers. Never mind, just take my word for it, this not just a normal, been there, rip off of twilight but a well thought out interesting look at the world of ghosts.

Although I really enjoyed this book and the many twists and turns that it had, there was one fundamental flaw I felt in this book. The thing that annoyed me, not enough to spoilt the book, was that people in the book believed so easily. It was her room-mate Tia that I found most frustrating. They hadn’t known each other long enough for her to believe Jess that quickly. There wasn’t even a flicker of doubt from her and I found that unrealistic. It was also nicely convenient that their was a paranormal lecturer on campus. But despite this I was gripped by the plot and characters and I am really looking forward to the second book. I think the second book is going to be better as it is set in the UK! YAY! And it is going to have more depth in it to it, now that we have more characters to get to know and a clearer idea of what the situation is. This book was mostly about Jess and her journey in discovering her birthright.

I recommend this for people that like paranormal fantasy, that is not the traditional vampires and werewolves, but rather spirits (ghosts). It has a strong female lead and a gripping plot that is thrilling but also terrifying in parts.

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