Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

This really is a fantastic read. I was hooked from the very beginning. This book is about Grace and her husband Jack. In the beginning he is the perfect man but as soon as the ring is on her finger the mask comes off and the monster is revealed.
The thing I loved most about this book was the psychological element. I’ve read quite a lot of books about husbands that are bullies and there is a lot of physical violence in them but there is none of that in this book, the torture is all in the mind and I found it fascinating. In every way that I shouldn’t. It also very terrifying the ease in which someone can gain so much control over you and also seeing the depths of evil that the human race is capable of. I think I’d be rather scared to meet the author knowing that she can write so brilliantly about such evil. However I think I’d find her fascinating too as her writing style is amazing – such tension! However, I have also hidden some money in a shoe incase my husband turns into said monster…very unlikely but this book was so realistic it did make me wary of him until I saw him in his batman onesie and all was right with the world.
This novel didn’t have many twists in it and from the first chapter it tells you what’s happening and where it’s going and despite this it doesn’t put you off. It still intrigues and draws you in. I started this book at 10pm (will I ever learn?) and read it until 2am! I felt tense and stressed the entire way through it and the fact I had such a visceral reaction all the way through is testament to the fantastic characters and writing.
Grace isn’t your typical pushover she is strong and amazing and the way she deals with the horrifying ordeal is admirable. She isn’t whiney or self absorbed she is a survivor and I enjoyed reading her thought process. I also have to mention how much I loved the character of Millie, I’ve never met a person with Downs syndrome but I can imagine that they are all as smart as Millie and I thought it really added another dimension to the story and was one of the best features of the book.
This is a fantastic psychological book and the first I’ve read of its kind and I loved it. It has such a satisfying ending (I loved Esther’s role in this), I did know what had happened but it didn’t make it any less interesting or gripping. This really is a great read and I will be pre-ordering this book straightaway! One of the best books I have read in 2015. This books is released 11th February 2016…get pre-ordering! I’m buying this for all my family.

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