Redemption Song by Laura Wilkinson

This isn’t a book that I would normally read but when I saw that it was going to be a love story of some sorts I was intrigued and wanted to read it. After a slow start I really got into this book, it follows the forming relationship of Saffron and Joe, whilst also exploring many issues of human life. You knew straight away from the beginning what this book was going to be about and what was going to happen and you can find this out from the blurb. The reason that you read this book is for the journey. It had really compelling journey as it explored so many different facets of every day life. This is only complemented by the language and imagery, which was very down to earth and only served to make the story more compelling and relatable.
I really liked the fact that there wasn’t just the developing relationship between the two main characters being explored. There is so much under the microscope here and it was very thought provoking. One part I particularly enjoyed was the way that it highlights the different types of love that there are. Whether it be all consuming or just friendly and it shows how hard it is to find not just love – but the right sort of love. There are a multitude of characters that illuminate and explore this issue, not just the main character but her mother and even an elderly lady that chips in with her experience and advice.
As Saffron and her mother try and rebuild their life after losing two people in a horrible accident, the effects of grief and the way in which it can break you if you let it, is vividly depicted. They both suffer differently and it was lovely in a way to watch them working through it and coming out the other side. Grief is going to be a part of everyone’s life at some stage and it was dealt with in this book in a really positive manner. It also gave an extra dimension and layer to the characters in the book.
This leads me to the points I wanted to make about the characters. I didn’t gel with the main characters straight away. (I admit sometimes I thought it was raining but then realised that it was actually her mother ‘rain’ thinking something). Saffron irritated me at times and I found Joe quite conflicting. But then I realised the more I read that it was actually quite refreshing to read a book where the characters aren’t perfect. It added an element of realism to the book that is missing from a lot of books I have read that have tried to examine the complicated issues of everyday life.
The only reason that I gave this book three and a half stars is because I did find a lot of it predictable and the beginning was a little slow. However, this isn’t a book full of twists and adrenaline but it is a really interesting glimpse into love and grief and life in general really and I think it deals with so many aspects of human society that everyone will find something that they will take away from this book. I think mine is that everyone is flawed and that life isn’t meant to be straight forward and if you find love ‘grab it’. I recommend this to people that like thought provoking books that take you on a journey towards a happy ending. This book is due for release on 28th January 2016…get pre-ordering!


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