A Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

It’s official, Sarah J Maas is my hero, my God, I bow down to her in awe of her talent in writing fiction.

I have just finished the Queen of Shadows, book 4 in the Throne of Glass series. I have read them all again ready for this one and I have to say my review of the first books was not entirely complementary. But this fourth book has blown nearly every new adult/young adult fantasy book that I have read out of the water. I feel run through, as if I lived through the epic adventure in this book.

In the first two books I didn’t really warm to celaena/aelin. But in the third book I began to like her and by the fourth book I now worship her as my queen. I understood her so much more in this book and she became an outstandingly well developed character as I realise now that the main character in the first books was one of the faces of Aelin, a person she had to become to survive and because she was scared of who she was. Aelin is now one of the most amazing realistic and inspiring fictional characters that I have met.

There isn’t a single thing that I can criticise in this book. The plot is so spell bindingly woven and I was completely enraptured by every plot strand especially as in this novel they began to interweave. The world building in this book is very impressive and you can really visualise all the territories and imagine every detail.

I got so much satisfaction from the end of this novel. The beginning until the end caused me to be so stressed and on edge and my heart was thundering as I read the impossible dangers lurking around every corner. It was riveting and terrifying. The writer has got me so invested in these characters that I forgot my real life and the fate of all the heroes in this book was all I could think about.

I sometimes find with a lot of books there is a big massive build up to a fight and there either isn’t one (twilight -breaking dawn) or it is such a pitiful tiddly fight, ended in a couple of sentences (inheritance – Christopher paolini…still hopping mad about that one) but this was the epic fight of all fights. The clash of powers. But not only do we get glorious displays of magic fighting magic, we get another plot twist. The proverbial rug is pulled from under us and everything we thought we knew is actually wrong, oh so wrong. And I lapped it up! This author’s plot twists and turns are now legendary to me. First the twist about the main character that she manages to keep from us till the end of book 2, but now about the very people that we have despised as the evil villains.

I cannot wait for the next book and I recommend everyone in the world read everything written by this author. She has written epic fantasy with such skill that you will be whisked from your boring monotonous, easy lives to a magical, ethically challenging, fraught, emotion twisting, laugh out loud sassy world that will fill up all those secret desires for adventure until you’re humming with joy and admiration at this world and the talent of this author. Thank the Lord for Sarah J Maas.

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