Throne of Glass by Sara J Maas

I am going to review the first two books of this series as I have just started the third one.

I found this series very interesting. I don’t think that it is as good as a court of thorns and roses but it is still a good read. I think the main reason that I didn’t love this series as much is the characters. Calaena is a strange character. She isn’t instantly likeable because of her arrogant streak and I found the split in her personality hard to keep up with so it’s hard to get completely absorbed in the world and story. This for me, is what makes a great book. Having said this I did enjoy the fact that she was able to absolutely annihilate her foe and was fearless, brave and strong. I loved this side of her and I think that it made the books really interesting as she didn’t have to rely on anyone and be saved. I liked that people feared her, it made it very intriguing. I felt that she was a walking contradiction at times though and although it adds dimensions to her character it did irritate me at times, for instance her obsession with pretty clothes…

I felt that the love triangle with Chaol and Dorian was good but I was routing for her and Dorian so I was disappointed (spoiler alert – although not really as this happens quite soon in the book)
My favourite thing in the book was the world building. The author has managed to create a world that not only has kingdoms and a cruel king invading the rest of the world, but she has managed lace into that magic, fae, witches and ancestors coming back to save the day. She does this so well and we are not overwhelmed with information but enjoy the journey and the clues and adventure. With the complexities of this world there was a real danger of it becoming wordy and over descriptive but everything is explained clearly by the characters, through reflection and discovery. Rather than long rambling history, we are given information on a need to know basis and things are hinted at until we are dying to understand. And when you are trying depict a world with so much happening and history, I thought this was really well written.

The twist at the end of the second book was really good and I look forward to the third and fourth book.
I would really recommend this book to fans of adventure fiction and strong women.

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