Cara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook

I don’t know where to start with this book. It is a fantastic adult fantasy romance. I haven’t read many books like this aimed at adults so it was wonderfully refreshing. It had easy to understand and very vivid and well thought out world building.

This book is about Cara who is named heir to throne of 12 provinces that are ruled by a faith that advocates the divine right to rule of the matriarch. To keep the provinces united a representative must take an oath to essentially become her husband and after a tour around each representatives homeland she must at the end choose one of them to marry and then she will be queen. This is a fairly crude summary but I don’t want to give any more away.

What I can tell you is that if you read this book you will embark on one hell of an adventure that you will never forget. The main character in this book is Cara, but we also get to glimpse parts of the story from other characters, but predominately she tells the story. In the beginning I thought that she was going to be a whiny and a wimp that needed saving all the time. But she actually became someone I would love to know. She was steadfastly loyal, she embraced every challenge that faced her and she was actually rather funny. Her character enhanced a great plot and made this book work.

Parts of this book felt a bit game of thrones-esque. Which whilst being a compliment, I felt that towards the end it was becoming too like it. The war in the book took away the personal journey with Cara, I felt distanced from her and I didn’t enjoy the changes in her character that occurred when she embraced being queen. I understand they were necessary but I loved who she was in the beginning.

I found the reverse harem theme in the book very enjoyable, I did feel that Cara and Finns feelings that developed so quickly did leave me feeling a bit dubious but then I forgave this the more we got to know Finn and the other characters.

My major criticism of this book is that I felt it should be more than one book. I wanted to luxuriate in this world and spend more time with all the characters. I felt some of it was rushed because of it only being one book. Having said that I did absolutely love the journey this book took me on I was hooked from the beginning to end and my sleep pattern is officially ruined as I started it at 10pm and didn’t stop until I finished it at 4am. By the time I finished I felt like the two years in the book had actually passed.

I highly recommend this book to fantasy lovers, I also really recommend it to people that love romance as this book really delivers on the swoon worthy, steamy scenes. I recommend this for people that like a strong female character and those that enjoyed game of thrones.


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