A Trick of the Mind by Penny Hancock

I really recommend this book to people who loved I Let You Go, Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. This book has a phenomenal twist in it that had me hook line and sinker. I did not see the twist coming and I had to ring all my friends and family to tell them ‘I read a book and it had the most amazing twist in it and I have to share it with you – and if you don’t read it you are stupid!’ This book is about a girl called Ellie who has just inherited a house from her Aunt and we see that to her this is a fresh chapter of her life. She is a part time school teacher but her paintings are her passion and she is finally becoming successful in this book. She is travelling to her aunt’s house and she hits something but doesn’t register it fully. When she hears on the radio that a man has been hit, in a hit and run. That bump she had niggles and niggles at her. This book follows Ellie’s journey to find out what happened that night and the twists and turns in this story are fantastic.

One of the things that I love about this novel is the character Ellie. She is a born worrier just like me and I could really relate to how crazy and neurotic not knowing whether she hit someone or not was making her. I would be exactly the same. When I think I’ve left my straighteners on or my phone charger I have the sick feeling in my stomach and it takes me a while to convince myself that – No the house will not burn down! Hancock captures this so effortlessly in her writing and it made me feel completely drawn in by having such a vivid character with realistic emotions and reactions. This book blends the past and the present very well to give you slight clues about what exactly is going on and when the twist is revealed in the second half of the book everything we have learnt about Ellie’s past suddenly makes so much more sense and contribute to making the twist believable and shocking. It is because of the twist in this novel that I loved it so much and I genuinely could not have guessed it and I am interested to see if anyone else guessed it before they read it. The only weak part of this novel is the ending, there are many endings that would have suited this book more, but alas. The twist and the character development in this novel more than make up for the weak ending.

Recommended for; people that love a good plot twist, people that worry a lot, artists, people that like a good thriller, fans of gone girl, I let you go and the girl on the train.

Let me know if you read this what you thought!

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  1. Thanks for that review! I really enjoyed Gone Girl and I now certainly want to read " A Trick of the Mind"
    It would be great to hear your thoughts on authors such as Harlan Coben (if you have read him?) as he is fantastic at plot twists!

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