The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

For those who want to read an EPIC BOOK….if you don’t go and beat yourself about the head with said book until you realise that you were wrong! I was going to wait until I had reread this book to give specific details and properly review it thoroughly, but I cannot wait. I bought this book after looking on goodreads at the list of the top 50 epic rated books. When I received the book I couldn’t actually read the font, it was so mall, so I put it on my shelf and forgot about it (inwardly screaming right now at my own stupidity) until one night I decided to pick it up again. I ended up buying it on kindle –gasp! to combat the text size as I am as blind as a bat and then 7pm suddenly became 4.30am and I was still sat cramped on the sofa, unaware that there was a real world and that I was part of it.

I tell everyone I meet about this book as I feel like I have been searching for it my whole life. What is this wonderful piece of literature that has captured my heart you ask? The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. This novel is the reflective tale of a wizard Kvothe. I felt that the blurb makes you think that he is a misunderstood-voldemort type character, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Kvothe recounts his life in detail and this tale is the most enrapturing, vivid and compulsive tale that I have read before. I was enthralled in his life and the character development is second to none. There is the temptation to compare this to Harry Potter as Kvothe does have magic and he attends a school (University) for magic but that is the only similarity. I feel that in Harry Potter it is the School and the world that you fall in love with and that if Harry was just ordinary then you wouldn’t really want to be his friend. However, you meet Kvothe when he is a boy and you get to know his character straight away, Rothfuss has created a character that we can attach too straight away, he is inquisitive, determined and lively.

I have read reviews of this novel that say that Kvothe is just too perfect and he just happens to be good at everything. I can see where this comes from but I feel that he is not perfect, did these people skip the part of the novel where his entire world crumbles around him when he is just a young lad and he has to learn the hard way how not to get beaten up…oh and how about the part where he almost dies! This is where Rothfuss’s skill at creating a three dimensional character comes through and the advantage of following his story from childhood to manhood as we see the determination and perfectionist attitude in Kvothe from a very early age. So when he approaches situations these skills are what allow him to come out on top! This novel takes you on a journey and allows you to get to know a very admirable character who has learnt whose survival instincts know no bounds.

As well as just the protagonist – who I am obviously in love with – the world building in this novel is very good. The world in which the novel is set is quiet clearly described and adds to the immersive quality of this novel. The plot is very intricate and there are clever links between seemingly non-events and different plot lines. I love that there are a multitude of different stories going on in this novel. The story starts with a old man who we find out is Kvothe and he tells he is telling his story. I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy these interludes with the present as I just wanted to know the story and especially in the beginning it was very confusing. For those that do read this book preserver past this to when he begins to recount his story. Now that I have finished both the Name of the Wind and the Wise Mans Fear I am looking forward to seeing how this vivacious and impressive character becomes the sedate, old man that the narrative starts with.

I would recommend this book to EVERYONE, but if I had to be less biased I recommend this book to people who like fantasy, have taste, like epic novels, like to get invested in a character, who have the time to loose numerous days to this novel, want to read a novel that will stay with them forever, are prepared to put the effort into reading this novel, it doesn’t grab you straight away because of its reflective narrative.

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