I let you go by Clare Mackintosh

This may seem like an obvious book to review at the moment given the amount of publicity it has had. I saw it being discussed on Loose Women but I thought that was terrible…it felt like I was watching people discuss the blurb!

I did like this book, I have to admit the twist did get me! I found this book similar to Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson with its gory depictions of violence and the twist element. I am not sure how keen I was on the changing on tenses, one part was the present then the past but it wasn’t of the same character so it was a bit of fumbling about until you worked out who was talking. I did not like the way that the author tried to get it all wrapped up neatly, I felt it implausible that they just happened to be driving down that particular street to see who they saw! (Trying to avoid spoilers) I also found it a bit coincidental that when the protagonist goes on her solitary journey the first place she comes too just happens to have a place to rent. In this day and age who could rent anywhere without ID and a background check!!! I would go there if you could! I felt that the scenes of violence towards the end when – to avoid spoilers – the evil person finds the good person, why would he just leave to come back again…seems ridiculous and the character description that is built up of the evil person describes his obsessive need to be with that person…yet the evil person just leaves.

I did enjoy the looking at the police investigation from beginning to end, I did find that the marital strife going on was completely unnecessary and it didn’t contribute anything toward the book apart from making me happy that my husband is not in the police!

Overall, this was a good read, it did keep you gripped, but the different narratives and perspectives, whilst interesting and informative, giving you insight into not just the protagonists headspace but the other characters, did detract from making the suspense gripping toward the end. Read this book if you like, before I go to sleep, books on domestic violence, police investigator books, reasons to not marry a policeman, ways to escape your life without need a background check, how to make money from writing your name on the sand!

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